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Committed to quality and precision engineering

Top-quality work in tank and system construction

We specialise in individual components, assemblies or complete production lines for the beverage industry, the food industry, the chemical industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industries, the paper industry and the wastewater and recycling sectors.

German engineering is proverbial the whole world over - there's no substitute for quality. Thanks to the excellence of its products, GROSS has meanwhile earned an enviable reputation worldwide. One which we are determined to live up to in the future.

Kieselmann takes over Gross Behälter- und Anlagenbau

Kieselmann Fluid Process Group continues to grow

Knittlingen 07.06.2018: With retroactive effect to 15 May, Gross Behälter- und Anlagenbau GmbH was integrated into the Kieselmann Fluid Process Group under the new name Gross Behälterbau GmbH. This ensures the continued existence of the company, which was facing a bankruptcy before the takeover. From now on, Gross will supplement the Fluid Process Group company Rieger Behälterbau in stainless steel tank construction. "With Gross, we welcome another experienced and well-trained team to the Fluid Process Group. Based on decades of experience, Gross will continue to plan, manufacture and assemble high-quality stainless steel tanks in Steißlingen", says Klaus Dohle, Managing Director of Kieselmann. Dan Mayer, who has already put Rieger Behälterbau on the road to success, takes over the management of Gross: "We know what Gross can do. We will continue to use these strengths to successfully implement projects," he comments on the takeover.