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Perfectly rolled, precisely processed

Europe’s most modern decoiler for GROSS

The routine optimization of production sequences is a matter of course for an international specialist such as GROSS to meet the high quality demands in the construction of containers and plant engineering. With the acquisition of a new decoiler and the installation of its own workshop specifically designed for this decoiler GROSS has now been able to provide a basis for the implementation of even more excellent precision solutions in the future.

The decoiler, which is equipped with a cutting and welding function is state of the art and is unique in the European market! By using automatic processes it allows exact rolling of stainless steel tank parts and of their x-ray proof welding. The precision values that are achieved with the decoiler are not possible using the traditional machine work and manual labor!

“Coil” comes from English and by dictionary definition means “thin, wound sheet metal”. In the industry “decoil” is understood to mean the mechanical unrolling of a basic material. The processing steps for the decoiler read: Length-defined handling of the stainless steel, separation by plasma cutting, rolling according to the determined parameters, plasma tap hole welding of the ends. Finished – and always perfect.

Concerning the technical values: The machine permits perfect rolling of tanks up to 6 meters in diameter with a cylinder height (coil width) of 1.5 meters and a basic material thickness (coil thickness) of 8 millimeters. For this reason GROSS is excellently equipped to flexibly satisfy the maximum demands in the completion of tanks and containers.

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Europe’s most modern decoiler for GROSS



GROSS on television

The programme "Galileo" from the german Pro7 station shot a film on the GROSS company that vividly documents the preparation, manufacture and transport of a tank.

Aiman Abdallah