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Consistent quality for all products

Different as the requirements for a product are, and disparate as the sectors we supply are, our commitment to manufacturing excellence guarantees a consistently high level of quality :

By using state-qualified welders and largely mechanised welding processes (like plasma, TIG and MIG/MAG-welding), quality fluctuation can be practically ruled out. The weld seams are checked using X-ray, FE and pressure tests.

  • Pressure vessels are manufactured in compliance with the provisions of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, predominantly from corrosion-resistant steels. The basis for manufacture and testing is the AD-2000 Code of Practice, with approval in line with the AD specifications. The equipment is inspected by the TÜV (German Technical Inspectorate.
  • For Switzerland, we have a manufacturer's approval from the Swiss Association for Technical Inspection (SVTI.
  • We meet the requirements for welding companies laid down in ÖNORM M 7812 Part 1, Quality Class 1 (Austria).
  • We possess an approval for manufacturing and supplying pressure vessels to the Polish standard drawn up by UDT-Warsaw.
  • We perform welding work in the range of applicability covered by the Greater Verification of Suitability in accordance with DIN 18800, Part 7 with the supplement for stainless steels.
  • We are a specialist company as defined by 19 l WHG (Germany Water Balance Act ) with TÜV monitoring.
  • We are also able to manufacture our products in accordance with ASME and other acceptance-testing specifications.

Download our certificates as a PDF-file: