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The engineering's changed, but our commitment to quality hasn't

Since GROSS was founded back in 1934 in Radolfzell on Lake Constance, the company has evolved from a small regional coppersmith to a globally respected specialist for tank, system and equipment manufacture.

Today, GROSS operates with the most modern of materials and with production technology that brings ultra-high precision to tank, system and equipment manufacture. There's only one point where we remain "old-fashioned": in our unswerving commitment to quality!


GROSS's company headquarters in Steisslingen

We opt for high-precision craftsmanship in preference to mass production, whether it's for individual components, assemblies or a complete system, whether it's for the chemical industry, the food industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industries or the wastewater and recycling sectors.

GROSS possesses the experience, the know-how and the capacities to handle even the most elaborate of projects fast and reliably. Nonetheless, we have simultaneously remained a family firm, which treats every order as a personal matter, and completes it to the firm's traditionally high standards of quality.