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Optimized sequences, shortened production times

GROSS has opened a new workshop

A forward looking investment project was put into effect in time for the 75th company anniversary of GROSS Behälter- und Anlagenbau GmbH with the opening of a new workshop. The construction became necessary due to the acquisition of a state of the art decoiler, unrivaled in Europe. The decoiler makes it possible to automatically produce perfectly rolled, stainless steel tank parts and their x-ray proof welding.

The new workshop expanded the former production facilities by 25 x 19 meters. It is equipped with a continuous system of tracks out into the open air so transportation of the finished tanks or container parts is significantly simplified as a result. The 36 m2 stainless steel surface plate also optimizes important working processes tremendously. The glass windows were constructed according to the latest technical considerations in order for it to be possible to produce under the best possible conditions: they allow for ideal lighting conditions.


With the erection of the new workshop GROSS has managed to perfect sequences and to reduce transportation and retrofitting times. In this way GROSS can now respond to the changing challenges in container construction and plant engineering more efficiently.



GROSS on television

The programme "Galileo" from the german Pro7 station shot a film on the GROSS company that vividly documents the preparation, manufacture and transport of a tank.

Aiman Abdallah