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Transport problems in Nicaragua

Arrival in Managua: at almost no other place in the world is it as unforgivingly hot as here at the end of the dry season. For the supervisor of the GROSS company, not an easy task, since after all he comes from the moderate climes of Central Eruope and is not used to this kind of heat. The friendly welcome from the staff of "Compania Cervesa de Nicaragua S.A. Managua", however,  means he quickly forgets the temperatures and immediately devotes himself to his actual task: in a few days, two large bright beer tanks from GROSS are arriving by ship, destined for a brewery outside Managua.

"Outside" - this is the cue for the GROSS supervisor's work to begin. As he quickly realises, the roads on which soon a special transporter is scheduled to deliver the tanks is not sufficiently hard. The transport route has to be gravelled immediately, so that the truck can reach the brewery without problems .

High-precision transport down to the last millimetre

Truck? In Managua there are neither vehicles that can cope with this transportation job, nor a suitable crane. The nearest location for a transporter is Panama. From there, a suitable vehicle and a crane are dispatched by ship to Managua. The deadlines are postponed. There are also problems with the tanks. The second tank does not arrive until half a week later .

The site is also problematic. Managua was destroyed by earthquakes three times in the past 120 years; the last devastating quake was in 1972. This necessitated earthquake-responsive calculation of the statics well in advance, and statistical evidencing of the tanks' stability .

Despite all the many obstacles, the order was completed to the customer's entire satisfaction.

By the way: the supervisor from GROSS not only did a good job in Nicaragua, thanks to the postponements he also had sufficient opportunity to get to know the country and its people – and he gradually got used to the hot climate as well.

Loading in Antwerp
Transport through Nicaragua
Happy ending: erection on site



Technical data:

Quantity: 2 bright beer tanks

Tank contents: 1640 hl useful capacity , 1740 hl total capacity

Tank  ø: 4.20 m

Tank øwith insulation : 4.54 m

Total length : 13,5 m

Weight per tank : 10 t