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House in Reykjavík

Island of superlatives
Iceland is an island of superlatives . It possesses Europe's biggest glacier, the "Father of all Geysers", its most voluminous waterfall and the Jökulsá á Fjöllum canyon, one of the largest in Europe .
Iceland's harsh environment is characterised by fierce storms, raging torrents and volcanic eruptions. Nor is that all: the island is also at risk from earthquakes. So when tanks are delivered to Iceland, this means special calculations at GROSS beforehand for the statics.
But Iceland is also a green sunlit country with the magical light of the Northlands .
In this fascinating country, GROSS has a mid-tier brewery as a customer, with whom three projects have already been implemented in the last ten years.


Iceland: island of the geysers



The latest delivery to Reykjavík comprised:

4 cyl.-con. fementation and storage tanks with 353 hl total capacity.

This was a complete delivery package including valves, fittings and temperature control .