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Project processing in three stages

Computer-aided design drawing for an agitator tank

Project preparation

Advising, planning, designing

Since tank and system construction necessitates customised solutions, which have to be individually tailored to the customer's needs, project preparation is mostly a rather work-intensive business. Engineering excellence, experience and professional skills are the three vital components for a successful planning job .

Project execution

Manufacturing, supplying and installing

We manufacture all transportable tanks and vessels solely at our plant in Steisslingen. This guarantees a consistently high level of qualitative excellence. Large-size tanks are manufactured on site to the same high standards. Depending on what the customer wishes, we also handle final assembly and erection on the customer's premises.


Spare parts

Even after years have passed, we can supply you with all spare parts for your tank or your system.

The spares most frequently ordered include our tank seals for the dome cover, conical swivel fittings or manhole covers.

And, of course, we deliver any wear parts you want - fast and reliably.




GROSS on television

The programme "Galileo" from the german Pro7 station shot a film on the GROSS company that vividly documents the preparation, manufacture and transport of a tank.

Aiman Abdallah