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Soft drinks : innovative and multifaceted

The beverage industry is a multifaceted sector, producing an ever-wider range of increasingly innovative products. New flavour creations and the trend towards natural, health-promoting products keep the market in perpetual flux. This entails concomitantly multifaceted job profiles, and the repeated necessity of finding new, customised solutions.

Different stages in tank construction : the dimensions of large-capacity tanks mean it is impossible to transport them from the factory. This is why the tanks are always assembled built on site. The separate parts are prefabricated at our facility in Steisslingen, and then put together at their destination.



We supply the following products

  • Liquid sugar tanks
  • Bulk-goods tanks
  • Basic-ingredient storage tanks
  • Mixing tanks
  • Process tanks with cooling and heating zones
  • Agitator vessels
  • Tanks for storing cleaning media (CIP tanks)
  • Large-size tanks
Liquid sugar tanks